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Mailing List Subscriber Exclusive Offer!
For one week only (June 5th-12th) the Commission List is OPEN!

1. Sign up for as many categories as you are interested in using the
form to the left. (You will get to choose which type of doll you want when your name is chosen)


2. Five names will be selected at random from the Commission List.
Each time a sculpture is completed another name will be chosen at random.

3. I will contact you when you are selected to discuss your commission! You can have specific or general ideas for your sculpture, or I can offer up some ideas and we can come up with something you will love!
No portrait dolls at this time, and I can't exactly duplicate a past Doll, however you are welcome to choose pose, props, hair color/style, eye color, outfit ideas, etc.

Base price for each style of sculpture: (will vary depending on detail & accessories):

Dollhouse Children: $385
Dollhouse Babies: $275
Dollhouse Toys: Varies
Bayberry Munchkins: $175
ItsyBella & Friends: $130

(click on Gallery at the top of this page for examples of each category)

I will begin selecting from the list
ON JUNE 6th at MIDNIGHT, so the sooner you submit your selections the greater your chance at being chosen first! After June12th, the Commission List will be CLOSED until every person on the list has had their commission filled.

Be sure to follow FaerieStudio on Instagram and Facebook (links at the bottom of this page). I will be posting progress photos and videos of all the commissions I will be making! I also will be posting a video each time a member is chosen at random for their commission so you can see how it is done, and see when your name is picked!

*Note: If your name is chosen for a commission you are under no obligation to purchase or commission a doll - this is just so that all my mailing list members who have been waiting ever so patiently (thank you!) will finally get their opportunity! 

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