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In 2001 I was browsing through the Crafts section of a local bookstore, and I came across a book called "Family and Friends in Polymer Clay" by Maureen Carlson. I was absolutely captivated and knew this was something I HAD to try! I purchased the book, went home, and began to research polymer clay sculptures online. I did a search on Ebay and discovered a whole realm of artists who created the most beautiful faeries, and were able to sell them as well!


This was back before the days of Etsy, Instagram, and even YouTube, but I found some polymer clay tutorials online, and, armed with my first little batch of polymer clay, I began to sculpt. Over 15 years later sculpting is still my passion!  This exciting journey has included an IGMA Artist Show in NYC, newspaper articles, magazine features including the cover of "American Miniaturist", countless amazing customers, and over 300 sales. I feel very blessed to have been able to create art for a living! 

I married in 2002 (ironically this changed my last name from Potter to DeGruccio) and took a hiatus from sculpting when my boys were born in 2009 and 2013, but have recently started up again. So many ideas have been building up in my mind it is often hard to know where to start!


Most of my creations are small, if not tiny. My smallest dolls are less than one inch tall, and my largest are 1:12 Scale Dollhouse Miniature size (so a 3 foot tall child would be a 3 inch tall doll). My favorite pieces to sculpt are babies, children, faeries, animals, rag dolls, and miniature toys - all things adorable! I also have a line of 1-inch moveable-head dolls called "ItsyBella & Friends", and equally tiny Dolls and Scenes called "Bayberry Munchkins". 


If you are interested in being notified when a new sculpture is available for sale, please sign up on my Mailing List below, and you can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook (links also below). I try to post regularly including photos and videos of works in progress.

Mini Blessings!
Cheri DeGruccio - FaerieStudio



...coming soon!


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